Sorry for the lack of updates. 

I just got back from Thanksgiving break. 

Ill be posting more soon. 



A little snippet from biochemist T. Colin Campbell!

Eat plants!!!

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Anonymous asked:

I say give the videos a shot. If they don't work out, we can all just pretend they never happened :)


Whoever you are,

bless you 

Thoughts on Thoughts on Thoughts

Let me begin by saying thank you to everyone who is following me. Keep on keeping on with your fruitable selves 

I also wanted to briefly discuss my ideas about making videos to go with my blog. I want to (possibly) start making videos because I think that my situation is very relatable and I also want to use it as a tool to keep myself proactive in my lifestyle. Not as to say I would stop eating the way I am, but rather I want to encourage others to eat well and animal free as well as I think it would be a good learning experience for me.I would want to be putting great information into the videos which I would need to be confident in telling others and teaching. 


I know absolutely nothing about making videos or editing. 

I also don’t really know if I am really the “personal” type. 


Anonymous asked:

What do you use for makeup?


I only really ever wear a little mascara and maybe lipstick, but not all that often. Currently all I have is some old mascara I found lying around because I misplaced my better stuff and I am broke. I would recommend going to LUSH. Their stuff is great and conscious. 

Hanging out in my dorm today and trying to do homework, but its rainy outside and I want to go for a walk. 

So this weekend I definitely did not eat extremely well, but my friends were in town and I was not very worried about it. It’s alright, I started today with this fruity masterpiece.  

This smoothie deserved two pictures, because its my first….*sniff sniff* ,but it won’t be my last.

This smoothie deserved two pictures, because its my first….*sniff sniff* ,but it won’t be my last.